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“We need to balance our desire to shoot against our expectations,

so we can make structured and successful progress in archery,

without our past achievements holding us back.”

Welcome to Trinity Archers Performance Centre Web Page

To help archers progress and develop their shooting we have

put together the following winter coaching program.


What we are aiming to offer:


• Structure your shooting so steady progress is made.

• Set an achievable goal for the following summer.

• Put a system in place to help achieve the goals you have set.

• Talk through and answer questions you may have.

• Build together an individual personal coaching plan.

The tools we use to assist your archery progress:

• One to One Coaching / Coaching Feedback.

• Thera Band / Mirror.

• Video of you shooting with good form.

• Develop your shot sequence.

• Details of your bow set up.

• Time management / Planning.

• Goal Setting.

 • Online Mentoring / Coaching.


For the dates the winter program is running this year, please select the Dates tab above.

To book a place or for further information please use our contacts page.

Catch up with us on our facebook site -

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